Panic Button

At the core of  The Panic Button App is the “Panic Button”. All of the services in The Panic Button App are accessed via the Panic Button.

Once you press the Panic Button, The Panic Button App determines your exact location via your phone’s internal GPS. These GPS co-ordinates are sent to our emergency call centre together with a distress signal. Our highly trained and proficient call centre staff will then attend to your every need.

The call centre will contact you within 30 seconds of a Panic. If you do not answer, our emergency protocol is activated. This includes contacting your next of kin in cases where we get no response from you. Depending on the feedback from your next of kin, we can relay information to the SAPS and/or your existing Armed Reaction company. Wherever you are and whatever has happened to you, at least someone is now looking for you. We have your last location and if your phone is not switched off, we can continue to trace your whereabouts.

Remember, with Help24, our call centre will assist you in any emergency – even if it is not a service that you are subscribed to through us. It could be a service that you are subscribed to via your insurance or your home loan. It could also be a service that you are not subscribed to and requires payment. In any and all events the call centre will continue to support you until your emergency is resolved.


Activates all our services!

  • Panic Button
  • Medical Assist
  • Legal Assist
  • Help24
  • Roadside Assist

The Panic Button App turns your phone into a panic button, giving you access to emergency and support services 24/7.